Shihana Riffai

As an ocean and abstract artist, my creative journey started in the ordinary, where art became my enduring passion.

Using acrylics and resin, I craft pieces that embody the fluidity of the ocean and the depths of my imagination. Each creation is a personal expression, inviting viewers to connect with the beauty of abstraction and the transformative power of art.

Artist Portfolio

Welcome to my diverse art portfolio, where creativity knows no limits. Delve into a world where resin, acrylic, and digital art converge to form a harmonious symphony of expression. Each piece is a unique exploration of mediums and styles, showcasing the fluidity of resin, the vibrancy of acrylics, and the limitless possibilities of digital art. Join me on this visual journey that seamlessly weaves together traditional and contemporary elements, inviting you to witness the beauty that emerges when different mediums and styles come together in perfect harmony.

Ocean Art Collection

Dive into the beauty of the ocean with our mesmerizing ocean resin art collection. Each piece is a captivating blend of swirling blues and shimmering textures, inspired by the ever-changing hues of the sea. Handcrafted with care, our ocean resin art pieces bring a touch of coastal elegance to any space, evoking the tranquility and allure of the ocean depths. Explore our collection and bring a piece of the ocean into your home today.

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Abstract Art Collection

Check out our abstract art collection, where imagination meets expression. Discover a world of vibrant colors, bold shapes, and thought-provoking compositions. Each piece invites you to explore the depths of creativity and interpretive possibility. From striking contrasts to subtle nuances, our abstract art captivates and inspires. Explore the boundless realms of abstraction and add a touch of contemporary flair to your space.

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Available Original Artwork