Artist | Founder: Shihana Riffai

As an ocean and abstract artist, my creative journey started in the ordinary, where art became my enduring passion.

Using acrylics and resin, I craft pieces that embody the fluidity of the ocean and the depths of my imagination. Each creation is a personal expression, inviting viewers to connect with the beauty of abstraction and the transformative power of art.

evolution of elarte

It's truly inspiring to witness the evolution of Elarte, born from a genuine passion for art in 2019. Since its inception, Elarte has blossomed into a platform that not only showcases artistic expression but also offers a diverse range of unique and functional products.

Driven by the founder's unwavering commitment to the arts, Elarte has become a haven for creativity, where every piece tells a story and reflects the deep connection between art and functionality. The curated collection of products is a testament to the founder's vision, blending artistic ingenuity with practical utility.

At Elarte, each creation is a labor of love, stemming from the desire to bring art into the everyday lives of our patrons. Whether it's a stunning piece of wall art or a functional item that seamlessly integrates into daily routines, every product is imbued with the founder's original passion and dedication to artistic expression.

As we continue to grow and evolve, Elarte remains committed to offering a unique blend of artistry and functionality, enriching the lives of those who appreciate the beauty and purpose that art can bring. Welcome to a space where passion meets practicality, and where the journey of Elarte unfolds in every inspired creation.

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