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Ocean Coaster Sets | Drink Mat

Ocean Coaster Sets | Drink Mat

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Take a break from the ordinary with our Ocean Coaster Sets! Handcrafted in Australia with resin and cork backing, these coasters offer a unique and safe surface for your drinks. Perfect for gifting and adding a touch of adventure to any table!

They are small pieces of art, that symbolize personality and class. I create these with so much love and positive energy that I believe to pass it to you by way of art. So gift someone you love to make their day better!

About Coaster

  • Every coaster is carefully painted, sanded, and packed by hand with love., in Melbourne.
  • Each coaster has its own unique design and will be the only one in existence
  • Resin is waterproof and heavy duty, will not shatter or break
  • Avoid placing hot items/food directly on resin surface
  • Display in an area without direct sunlight to prevent yellowing or fading off the artwork
  • To clean, use a soft rag or duster to wipe it
  • Don't use dishwasher

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